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Overcoming Fear by Kicking the Devil

Have you ever tried to get a point across to someone in a strange way? Well, I tried to explain to my 7-year-old how to take control of his fear….Beware, it’s hilarious (to me) but not altogether one of my finer moments (explanation to come!). My boys and I love to watch movies together and […]

Drink-more-living-water-that-moves-mountains. Big-Bend-national-park

Living Water Moves Mountains

It seems there are two kinds of people in the world: those who like to drink water and those (like me) who struggle to drink the recommended 8 glasses every day. Water is essential to life, physically and spiritually. Physically, our body uses water in all its cells, organs, and tissues and makes up more […]


Why is “The Shack” controversial?

I recently watched the newly released move, “The Shack“.  There are a lot of  opinions and critiques (both positive and negative) about this film.  This is to be expected with any movie but especially movies that speak of Jesus.  The name of Jesus offends people.  It is controversial.  The bible says that there is power […]


A Compliment From A Homeless Woman

The best compliment I have ever received came from a homeless woman.  At the time, I did not appreciate her words as I do now.  Recently, God reminded me of this seemingly “forgettable” interaction that happened years ago, and I now cherish her kind words.  Let me set the stage for you….I was in my […]

Learn what God says about praying for our children's lives as parents and care givers.

Praying For “All the ‘Austin’s’ in the World”

I am not a morning person.  I am the type of person who doesn’t talk for about an hour after waking up (well, at least that was the case before kids).  When in college, my roommates would ask me if I was mad at them in the mornings as I was not my usual cheerful […]

Does God like me? Understand what God says you are and what he thinks about you

I Am What God Says I Am

Have you ever had a dream where you were so upset you were sobbing in the dream? I woke up this morning,earlier than usual, because of a dream that ended with gut wrenching tears.  It was not a bad dream.  It was a simple dream where I was in a race, but I was confused […]

God answers prayer through a text message about my purpose

God Sent Me A Text Message

God sent me a text message. A few months after my layoff, I was still working through questions about my purpose. I had been praying, “God, show me where you want me to be.”  Was I supposed to stay home and serve my family full time? Or was I supposed to be working in another […]

Seeking-God-and-stay-hungry-and-humble-for-His-presence. A-place-of-encouragement-for-everyday-life.

Laid Off, Now What?

Hello friends, welcome to my blog! Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Holly Merritt.  I was born and raised in Knox City, Texas, a VERY small town in the western part of the state.  I currently reside in the Dallas/Fort Worth metro area where I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, a wife, and a […]

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