Compassion, Giving, & Becoming Less Selfie-Centered

My heart is full.  Today I received a letter (actually three letters) from a sweet 5 year-old boy who lives in Kenya.  He told me in the letters that his favorite color is green, that he loves cornbread, his favorite song is “Jesus Loves Me,” he enjoys playing football (soccer), and he wants to become […]

God answers prayer through a text message about my purpose

God Sent Me A Text Message

God sent me a text message. A few months after my layoff, I was still working through questions about my purpose. I had been praying, “God, show me where you want me to be.”  Was I supposed to stay home and serve my family full time? Or was I supposed to be working in another […]

Seeking-God-and-stay-hungry-and-humble-for-His-presence. A-place-of-encouragement-for-everyday-life.

Laid Off, Now What?

Hello friends, welcome to my blog! Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Holly Merritt.  I was born and raised in Knox City, Texas, a VERY small town in the western part of the state.  I currently reside in the Dallas/Fort Worth metro area where I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, a wife, and a […]